Paper "Evaluation of Technical Efficiency of Insurance Companies in the Visegrad Group Countries" by Lenka Přečková and Iveta Palečková was published in polish journal Ekonomista (indexed in Web of Science, Q4).

Paper by Šárka Sobotovičová and Jana Janoušková "Specifics of Real Estate Taxation in the Czech and Slovak Republics" has been published in the journal International Advances in Economic Research (Q3). The paper is available here:

Paper written by Tom Heryan has been published among papers of this year’s first issue of E & M Ekonomie a Management. Whole paper is available here:

Tomáš Pražák pulished paper "The role of main microeconomic factors on the stock prices of selected Swiss companies". This paper examines the role of main microeconomic factors on the stock prices of select Swiss companies listed on the Six Swiss Exchange. The microeconomic factors are based on the financial situation in companies. Financial ratios, gained from the financial statements of the individual companies, are used for the analysis. The relationship between observed variables is explored using panel regression analysis. The generalized method of moments for constructing a regression model is used. In general, the study confirmed that profitability and debt ratios are the most important business factors from the prospective of its impact on stock prices.

A next special lecture on the topic “Deferred Tax" was realized on Monday 09/12/2019 in the course Accounting of Corporations. Lecturer Ing. Veronika Hladišová from company PricewaterhouseCoopers Audit, Ltd. acquainted students of Accounting and taxes specialization in the follow-up Master´s field Business Economics and Management not only with legislative regulation of deferred tax, but also with the valuation, accounting and audit of this accounting instrument.




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