Klepková Vodová Pavla

Associate Professor

Silesian University
School of Business Administration
Department of Finance and Accounting
Univerzitni nam. 1934/3
733 40 Karvina
Czech Republic
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+420 596 398 406


Pavla Klepková Vodová finished her major in banking at the School of Business Administration of the Silesian University in Karvina (2002). She finished her doctoral study in Finance in 2009. She was appointed as an associate profesor in 2014. Since September 2002, she has got involved into work in the Department of Finance as an assistant, since May 2014, she has worked as an associate professor. She lectures in courses Financial Risk Management A, Financial Risk Management B, Banking A and Banking B, she leads seminars in courses Corporate Finance A and Money, Banks and Financial Markets. She regularly lectures issues of banking sector and selected aspects of corporate finance at foreign universities.


Professional and research orientation

Banking, Risk Management in Banking, Non-equilibrium models of credit markets